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Gambling Apex, the most reliable source of Gambling News on the Internet

Over the past few years, Gambling Apex has established itself as one of the most-read gambling industry news sites around the world. Here, our dedicated team of sports writers, sports betting and gambling analysts, pay per head bookie experts and sports handicappers work together to bring you the latest gambling industry news, casino and bookie software reviews, gambling tutorials, and more.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Latest Posts Pay Per Head Review

As we look for the best bookie software, we will encounter dozens and dozens of pay per head providers. Finding the best one is difficult, as they all offer different services. 9DollarPerHead is one provider that we have been curious about, as they have been mentioned a lot whenever people in the industry talk about… Continue Reading →

The MLB Season Begins

The MLB Season begins, finally. After a very stressful few rounds of negotiations between club owners and players, an agreement was finally in place. Because of the lock out, the season is starting a bit late. To bookies that offer MLB betting, your bookie pay per head software will be taking care of all of… Continue Reading →

What Will Happen to Sports Betting in California

There are still a lot of states in the US that do not offer sports betting. But legalizing sports betting in California surely is one of the most talked about possibilities. Given the large population of the state, a local betting market is certainly capable of generating billions in betting handle annually. Should they consider… Continue Reading →


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